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Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
Have you?
I have. The last time Vitor mentally caved was against Dan Henderson, which was in 2006. Since then, he's gone on to win (and finish) every fight he's had minus his bouts with Anderson and Jones. He didn't cave against Anderson. That was a flash KO that literally no one saw coming. Nor did he cave against Jones. He took vicious elbow after vicious elbow to the face (only one of which was needed to set-up a finish on Machida), and he still had enough to threaten with a near fight ending arm-bar.

Vitor wins 7 fights post-2006, all of them via finish except for one. He loses to Anderson Silva, which most everyone does, via flash KO. And he, as a middleweight, goes on to threaten the previously thought-to-be untouchable and massive LHW champion. Tell me again how Vitor is still a mental midget.
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