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Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
That's a fun game.

Fedor is still undefeated if you don't count anything after the Bret Rogers fight.

I like this game.

I'm being glib obviously. But it's easy to make fighters look good if you make stipulations that exclude the fights where they've looked bad.
Cool story. Only you're ignoring, wilfully no doubt, the part where I blatantly asked, 'Have you watched a single Vitor Belfort fight post-2006?' I'm not arguing with you that Vitor has been known to crumble under pressure in the past. I think we'd agree on that point. What I am saying, however, is that Vitor has demonstrated in the last however many years that he is much stronger mentally than he was before. A lesser man would have quit after a single elbow from Jon Jones... Vitor didn't quit after eating two-dozen of them, if not more.

And Fedor is a very poor comparison. You can't ignore a man's present and future. You can, however, forgive a past when obvious weaknesses are worked on and corrected. All of that aside, I highly doubt that a Vitor who didn't crumble against Jon Jones and Anderson Silva is going to cave against the powerless striking and novice wrestling of one Michael Bisping.
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