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I find it so funny that people think because it is used for water cutting...then that is exactly what it was for.

Bonnar has been popped for roids why give him the benefit of the doubt? That roid he was popped for is a great indicator into actual full fledged ROID use. It is a supplement guys take after roid cycles.

Mo was JUST popped for the same thing. And made a big deal as he didn't know it was in a supplement he was given a local GNC. Is Bonnar really THAT dumb after all these years...popped once...long time vet...that he took something without knowing what he was taking? Or if it was legal?

Bottom line is he knew. He was popped before. He just slipped out and retired after this. It is BANNED for a reason. That reason is because it goes hand in hand with anabolic roid use. It has many times in the past.

Bonnar is/was aware of this. It is a shame that so many guy do in fact use roids and are able to cover it up. But a guy that was popped before doesn't surprise me. Bonnar cheated once...cheated again....and prolly cheated a bunch of times without being caught.
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