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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
I'm sure Dana would have gladly been OK with a weight change instead of having a guy who Main Evented one of his PPVs and long time face of the organization get popped for illegal substances for the 2nd time in his career. I bet that has bugged him a lot more than any change in weight would have.

Josh Barnett was popped in a championship fight. He was then cut and never let in the UFC again even though a long time top 10 HW. Tell me Dana White cares more about you making weight than roids/suspensions/bad marks on the UFC.

Bonnar didn't look drained to me.

I won't give the benefit of the doubt to a guy who was popped before.

But to each there own.
My thing is...

Bonnar obviously knew he was going to pop positive. You dont take Drostanolone months away from fight night and then stop in time to pass the test. That would make no sense in this situation. Since by the time it is out of your system all the water weight you lost by using that stuff would be back.

And if you want to gain an advantage over someone then Drostanolone isnt the way to go. Better stuff out there for someone trying to gain an unfair advantage.

Now if you wanna argue whether Bonnar takes more steroids then just this??? It might very well be a possibility. As far as i know Drostanolone can only be shot up. And if you are willing to shoot that stuff up then who knows what else you are willing to take.

But i can only comment on what he was caught with not what else he might be taking and cycling off correctly.

And im not trying to change anyones opinion and force them to not care about this. I JUST DONT CARE ABOUT THIS. I dont understand why people need me to care about things they do.
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