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IMO UFC 154 Main Card is Pretty Weak

I get what the Ufc is doing. They have thier cash cow with GSP so they don't need to put alot of big names etc.. But I was just looking over some of the fights on the main card and they don't even make sense.

How is Lawlor still getting a Pay per View Main Card??? He has lost 3 of his last 5 fights.

Nick Ring Vs CP??? Really.. Thats's a total mismatch

Mark Hominick...Love the guy But He's been getting beat down like a street whore his last 3 fights... No way he should be on a Main card.. I mean No way... Most people get cut after 3 straight losses.. He gets a main card Pay-Per-View????

So basically We only get 2 good fights
GSP v Condit
Martin V Hendricks

I know alot of you stream the fights illegaly, but I have morales and actually pay for everything I watch....
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