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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
That is sort of my point. A guy as smart as Bonnar was willing to test positive (what if he won???) lose a chunk of money, and lose respect? The other option if just miss weight. Silva was defending nothing. Silva isn't a 205er. What difference would it have made if Anderson came in at 202 and Bonnar at 210?

He probably lost respect from Dana, Anderson, his fans...

Where as I doubt he would have lost any respect if he said the short notice and Brazil location was making it hard to get on weight. Guys do this all the time...and agree beforehand on a catchweight.

Who knows exactly what he used it for. If he used it for JUST cutting water he is still wrong. What kind of mentality would you bring into a fight if you knew in the back of your mind that you were going to fail the test? There was no commission in Brazil and Bonnar probably thought it was a good time to do it. UFC had their own testing and it obviously wasn't half-assed.

Either way it baffles me that a long standing vet would rather test positive for a failed blood test over asking for a weight change or straight up being fresher and missing weight by a few lbs. It is odd that making 205 in a "all for fun" fight was on the top of his list. Did he not want to lose respect for missing weight? But didn't care about the respect he'd lose for testing positive? Doesn't make any bit of sense to me?
Well if he missed weight he loses like 20% of his purse. And i can see him feeling like missing weight is more unprofessional then taking a cutting water weight substance and popping positive when you are already retired.

If he wasnt planning on retiring after the Anderson fight then id be hoping to your side a little more. But its his last fight so he wanted to make the weight he agreed to and since this was a huge opportunity he didnt want to bug his boss close to fight time "Hey boss... i wont make weight. Can you draw up new papers for a HW fight. And uhh notify Anderson?? OH AND THX AGAIN FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY".

I would rather deal with it on my own then having to make that call too. Especially if im retiring.
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