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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Yeah, I'm surprised by the lack of 'elite' Canadian fighters, there's GSP and Rory, everyone else is kind of mid-tier-ish. Nothing compared to Brazil who have three champs and guys like Barao, Machida, Shogun, Belfort, etc.
Really its the same as Canada is in the majority of sports outside of Hockey. One or two top athletes but then just a bunch of mediocre guys.

I think it is mainly because although we are a huge nation our population is quite small(only ~ 35 mil, less then California) and the majority of our good athletes grow up playing hockey and choose that for a career.

I used to wonder the same thing about comparing us to Brazil but their population is over 6 times larger then ours and fighting is probably the most popular sport there outside of soccer.

It does surprise me that we don't have more top young prospects stepping up for the future but the only reason I can think of that explains that is that we only have the one high quality MMA gym in TriStar. The rest of the country is either forced to go train there or is stuck with mediocre training and doing small shows. That is even more of an issue with TriStar being in Quebec and having a large French presence(much of Canada especially the west do not care for the French/Quebec population).
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