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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
I don't want to argue over this opinion.


205 Hendo > HW Fedor

185 Hendo < 185 Anderson

MMA math but 2 of those got finished quickly out of those 2 fights. And it wasn't Anderson.

(Huge Big Nog fan) But while Nog was Fedor's greatest wins ever, Anderson was prolly beating on Nog in sparring on the daily.
Yeah, well let`s see how many losses Jones has after a decade in the sport fighting the best. At this point in his career, Fedor looked just as unstoppable as Jones.

And no, Nog and Silva didn't train together back then. And if they did, Nog would have been subbing him left and right as back then Anderson had no BJJ. He lost to Chonan and Takase for christ's sake.

Context is everything. You can't just ignore timelines for convenience.
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