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Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post

All of his wins since 2006 have been railroading guys who should never have been in there with him in the first place. Matt Lindland, Terry Martin, Akiyama...

He's lost to Overeem x2, Couture x2, Liddel, Henderson, Jones, Anderson... basically every time he's come up against a fighter who could actually test him, he's failed that test.

I like Vitor. But he's a Dennis Kang type fighter. A world beater when fighting guys he shouldn't even be fighting who gives up the second things get hard.

And I have sympathy for him, as, like Kang, I`m sure a lot of it has to do with the psychological trauma both have been through.

And questioning my MMA knowledge isn`t arguing. It's an appeal to (your own) authority and it's just lazy. Anyone can see from my posts, that whether you agree or disagree, I know a thing or two about this sport which I`ve been following since I used to rent the events on VHS from my local pre-blockbuster video store around about UFC 6.

But I hate that 'such and such has been great since when he sucked' argument. Yes, Vitor looks good if you discount all of his fights since 2006. But Bisping looks better if you discount the Henderson and Evans fights which is just two fights. Vitor has like 10 fights you have to ignore in order for him to look good.
Blah, blah, blah. Who's questioning your MMA knowledge? Uptight and insecure much?

And I'm not ignoring Vitor's fights pre-2006. I can't make it any clearer that I'd agree that he wasn't as strong mentally back then. I'm simply stating that he's improved in that regard. Are you so narrow minded and stubborn that you can't believe or accept that a fighter could work on certain areas of his game, including his mentality, and make significant improvements? I'd also like to point out that Vitor went through a lengthy period of having to deal with his sister's kidnapping and subsequent murder. That would weigh on any man.

Vitor's fight with Jon Jones is more than enough to demonstrate that he isn't the kind of man to cave under pressure. He ate the LHW champion's best elbows and kept on fighting. Shogun tapped to strikes. Rashad Evans barely engaged. Rampage gave up his back. Vitor is bludgeoned, still manages to lock on a near fight ending arm-bar, continues to pull guard in search of a submission despite knowing that he's going to take a beating on the ground, and he's mentally weak?

I have a recent fight with a much larger champion who has CRUSHED all comers, wherein Vitor kept fighting until the bitter end, as my evidence. You have 6-10 year old fights as yours. Tell me again why I should keep on going at this with you.

Originally Posted by gazh View Post
I expect Bisping to take him down and look to ground and pound a TKO.
Anthony Johnson is a much better wrestler than Bisping, and he couldn't keep Vitor down to save his life. Bisping displays some decent wrestling against Brian Stann of all people, and now he's the new Chael Sonnen at MW? I mean, come on... Michael Bisping is going to ground and pound Vitor Belfort to a TKO stoppage? I don't even...
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