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I personally have not hunted since i was younger but i am no way against it in the least if it is done right,

Hunting is a form of population control

that packaged meat you buy, those animals live and die a very way worse death then any shot from a gun could ever do

done in the right mindset hunting can be a very peaceful and spiritual activity

for me at least killing and getting the food was the least fun of the whole activity of hunting, i enjoyed many days of not getting anything just sitting and walking in the woods.

same goes for fishing. which i do more then hunt

with that being said hunting can also be the most gruesome inhuman thing we as humans can do. for exaple hunting and killing a animal for ivory. ie kill them slice of horn and leave the bloody body their to rot sometimes still alive. hunting whales for money is another example

as for the matt hughs thread, him trophy hunting in theroy i am against but even he is against trophy hunting for mearly the sake of the trophy as he gave the meat to people that needed it and did not just leave it there to waste

In conclusion I am for hunting if it is in the right context and mindset.

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