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welterweight is insanely stacked, they got a solid top 10, if not 15, a ridiculous and ever changing top 5 with guys who have been there for ages, and to top that, one of the greatest fighters to ever walk the planet holding the belt. (still ranking him at top 2 P4P with Silva, I'll be convinced by JJ once he goes through someone relentlessly assaulting his lead leg)

but welterweight is ridiculous, Fitch, Kos and GSP for the "old guard", Condit, Diaz, Kampman, Hendricks, McDonald, Ellenberger for the contender and potential contender list.

Then you get all the likes of Hardy, Maia, Akiyama (who went down to WW didn't he? is it official?), the occasional BJ and whatnot who you can never count out.

It has been stacked for years already, but during the last 2/3 years, it's sweating talent from all pores.
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