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Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
Yeah, well let`s see how many losses Jones has after a decade in the sport fighting the best. At this point in his career, Fedor looked just as unstoppable as Jones.

And no, Nog and Silva didn't train together back then. And if they did, Nog would have been subbing him left and right as back then Anderson had no BJJ. He lost to Chonan and Takase for christ's sake.

Context is everything. You can't just ignore timelines for convenience.
Was more of an example. As if Nog was such a better striker then, than he is now. Anderson wasn't relevant when Nog and Fedor were at the top. Point was, Anderson probably owns Nog in any sort of sparring. And I highly doubt Nog sub's him all the time in training. Anderson is a BB under don't think he can defend against him? Anderson probably holds his own on the mat. All while being 2 weight classes different.

Doesn't matter how good Anderson was then. The whole point of my post was Anderson > Fedor. All time best. Fedor's best win is a training partner of Anderson's. A guy who routinely gets owned striking against him in practice.

Fedor had a flawless record fighting in Pride. Everyone acts like Fedor was such a small guy. Yet the best HWs of his time were Nog at 240. CC at an even lighter weight. He never fought Barnett...Randleman went down to 205. Coleman went down to 205. Fedor was never as small as people like to think compared to the HWs back then.

But thats just my opinion. I'll fix what I said for ya. Fedor's best win was against a guy that for the last several years has probably been owned by middleweight Anderson Silva in sparring.
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