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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
I don't want to argue over this opinion.


170 lb daiju takase > anderson

ikuhisa minowa > 185 lb takase.

MMA math but two of those got finished quickly, and it wasn't minowaman. Minowaman = Goat.

And before you remind me that andersons loss was early in his career, let me also remind you that fedor's loss was in the twilight of his career. It's like liddell losing to the likes of jardine.

Do we see now why MMA math from career lows doesn't work for goat discussions? You just give the MMA math disclaimer and then very nicely go ahead and still use that as your logic.
So you want to compare these fighters to Hendo.

I used a common quality opponent. You used irrelevant fighters.

Why even waste your time being goofy?

Who said MMA Math is the tell all? Because I used one RELEVANT example it means my whole basis for thinking ANderson is better all time is based around MMA math? You don't need to sit here and try to teach me the incorrect sciences of mma math like you know something that I don't.

Fedor was straight KO'd by 40 year old straight 206lb Hendo. Hendo was straight laced and tapped out by 185lb Anderson. Fedor lost several in a row when he came to teh States to fight legit HWs. Hell even a small 205er he couldn't get past. Fedor was great. But in my opinion not the best of all time. If Anderson went up to 205 to fight guys and started to get straight OWNED like Fedor did at the end of his career I'd say the same thing about Anderson.

Just my opinion. You can go teach someone else about the ins and outs of MMA math tho.

Originally Posted by Guy Incognito View Post
You mean declining? Or do you mean a man who actually started fighting real competition again after taking a couple years out to fight freak shows?

You mean Fedor at what? 35 was past his prime...but much smaller 40 Dan Henderson was a young stallion? Fedor got KNOCKED OUT by a smaller...older man. Much older. He was a decent sized favorite in that fight. Everyone picked Fedor because "well he isn't at a size disadvantage he was against Bigfoot".

Anderson is almost 38. When do you suppose he will start declining? The convenient thing to say would be as soon as he loses that must mean he is declining. When Fedor came to SF he was still unstoppable. When he started losing he was all of a sudden declining.

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