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Originally Posted by hadoq View Post
I'm sure you're an outstanding human being, to be able to judge others like that.
Yeah sounds like sour grapes to me. Probably not a whole lot of famous people visiting joabbuville, oregon population 400.

Don't see the problem with taking a pic with guys you respect, and spend hours chatting about with a bunch of strangers on the internet.

If anything, a picture is pretty convenient, I wonder how pathetic we'd seem to some people wasting hours of our lives nitpicking over half the things these guys say. And that includes you Joabbuc, your 950 posts didn't come outta nowhere.

What I do find stupid though is how almost everyone that poses with fighters has to raise the obligatory "tough guy fist" for a pose. I mean wow mister you know how to make a fist and you're next to a fighter, you must knock out bears in your spare time.
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