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Yea, a common quality opponent is more relevant than fluke flying submissions in the very early stages of Anderson's career. Before he was widely known. Before he was considered great. Yea, I would say the Hendo example is a TAD more relevant. Both fighting Hendo within the last 5 years. Not fights from '04 and '03. I mean call me CRAZY, but I would think a Dan Henderson example is just a little more relevant.

Your post would be all great and stuff if my whole argument was based off 1 example of MMA Math.

This place is sort of funny like that. You use one example...and people call you a newb, and idiot, for using MMA Math. It is like a badge of honor to be the guy who posts 'MMA MATH Doesn't work!"

So you can continue to freak out over 1 small example and entertain me with irrelevant fights from almost 10 years ago and act like they had the same significance as an Anderson title fight or a Fedor/Hendo main event.

I apologize for posting any semblance of MMA Math.

Take the Hendo fights TOTALLY out of the conversation. I still think Anderson is better than Fedor all time. So what are you mad at?
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