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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
Boxing footwork won't work in MMA so if that is what you are looking for you are mistaken. Your lead leg will turn in Faber vs Aldo type situation. Also boxing stance make a single leg incredibly easy just as Randy showed vs Toney. You could find a prime boxer rather then the fat old slob Toney and it would be similar results. That leg is just out there for the picking.

Oh please stop it with this old played out garbage already bro. You don't know what you are talking about.

Boxing footwork is used successfully in MMA already. Frankie Edgar, Anderson Silva, JDS and many others employ Boxing footwork.

They train BOXING for their footwork. So that invalidates your post.

Boxing stances comes in many different forms. Not just one. The footwork is what makes the stances effective.

Using the Toney fight as an example is stupid. Toney was standing their applying ZERO footwork. That has nothing to do with the discussion.

Go be open minded, be your own man instead of a puppet, don't fall into the stupid Boxing vs MMA fiasco, and go train Boxing. Then come back to me.

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