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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
I just feel he lost more respect with Dana, fans, Anderson and so on than he would have if he asked to change it or actually miss weight (sure they would have accepted a HW fight)

Can't speak for him though. But if he knew he was going to retire...why not leave with respect? Why even fight if a win wouldn't of counted in the end anyway? Seems like a LOSE LOSE LOSE. He got a beatdown. He wouldn't of won even if he pulled off the unthinkable. He lost respect of his opponent (as we all know Anderson and that camp is not fond of positive tests and TRT use).

But oh well. It is Bonnar's legacy. Not mine.
Obviously Bonnar did something wrong, but I think he was operating in whatever mode. I can't speak for his fans (who are probably as biased as any fight fan would care to admit), Dana or Anderson. And based on weird things that came afloat in the past, I really wouldn't be surprised if Dana and Anderson knew about it. It will sound crazy for some, but for an end of party replacement fight like that I think possible.

Dana got the money, Anderson got the victory, Bonnar got a dent on his reputation, but got his opportunity. Life goes on. Everybody happy, or sort of...

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