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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
How can you say, 'I literally never said that'?

The crux of your entire argument is that Vitor 'crumbles in on himself' or 'gives up the second things get hard' - these are direct quotes. You then explicitly mentioned his fights with Couture, Henderson, Jones, Silva, etc. How can you sit there now and say that you've not said he quits against tougher opponents like Jones, Silva, etc. I think it is you who needs to go back and read your posts, because you're coming apart at the seams.
He got KTFO by Silva and beaten into the freaking ground by Jones. He didn't have time to quit in those fights, he was too busy getting obliterated.

But in his other losses, absolutely, he gave up.

But you took the two fights he didn't have time to quit in and pretended like that was my whole argument. Totally ignoring the other 8 losses where it applies.

The guy has 10 losses. Suggesting he's going to lose an 11th fight isn't really reaching imo...

At this point, I'm willing to just let it be. Honestly, I feel dumb even getting sucked into another one of these stupid arguments. People need to stop taking it personally when someone says something they don't particularly like about a fighter they support.

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