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True or False: Stephan Bonnar should be in the UFC HoF?

Source: John Gross,

Bye, bye, Bonnar
Stephan Bonnar retired this week, and I believe the man will make good on his word.

In announcing his departure from the game, Bonnar told fans all he ever wanted to do was "bring y'all some fun." He lived up to that, no question about it.

How will he be remembered?

During a chat on Wednesday with Brett Okamoto, a question came up about Bonnar's consideration for the UFC Hall of Fame. I put little stock in the UFC HOF because of the way inductions are handled (totally the promoter's call), but it's an interesting question.

Bonnar played an important role in arguably the most important fight in UFC history. He lost to Forrest Griffin, but he brought the fun, y'all. And man, did he bring it. I was cage-side that night and wrote afterward that what we witnessed was the start of something special, a rise of an outlaw sport. And it was that, no question. But does that make Bonnar Hall of Fame worthy? I don't think so. Certainly Griffin-Bonnar 1 will always be commemorated in some fashion by the UFC, but putting Bonnar in the same class as Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Randy Couture and others is a step too far.

Bonnar is getting out at just the right time. He has his wits about him and probably will enjoy broadcasting opportunities. He's good in the booth and can be better if he calls it as he sees it. Bonnar will always have a home in the UFC, that you can bank on.

Update: News broke Friday that Bonnar tested positive for steroids following the Anderson Silva beatdown -- the second time he was popped for anabolics. If nothing else, it's a reminder that I should have mentioned his first positive result since UFC 62 (when he tested positive for boldenone). Thing is, this happens so often it's easy to forget, or gloss over, or I don't know.

Bottom line on this guy, he had one awesome fight that came at the perfect time while a bunch of people watched. Then he didn't do much with the rest of a career that included two positive tests for anabolic steroids.

Don't let the cage door hit you on the way out.

P.S.: Gracie and Shamrock tested positive for steroids, too ... I remember.
Thoughts? I don't think he should as he never really amounted to much in the UFC. Also, testing positive for steroids twice doesn't help his case.

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