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Anderson Silva wants 50% of the UFC to fight Jon Jones.

"The question (about facing Jones) would have to be made to Dana White. Let's ask if he'll give me 50% of the UFC. If he will, maybe this fight will happen."

The article noted that Anderson has two fights remaining on his contract, and he said that he has many outside interests that he wants to get going with:

"I have personal projects outside of the UFC and want to put them in practice. I'm opening my own martial arts academy in LA. I want to do my thing, take some air, spend time with the family. I have more to do than take punches to the face.

Just ******* say you dont want to fight the guy.... no need to make stupid comments. You are not getting 50% of the UFC for a fight. I know he isnt serious but its a real dumb way to say i wont fight Jones. Or who the **** knows maybe he is serious. I never know with Anderson... 1 day he wants to retire soon the next day he wants to fight another 5 years and the day after he seems willing to fight Jones and the day after the after day he wants 50% of the UFC to fight him.

Interesting that he has 2 fights left on his contract. I personally believe the next contract he signs will be his last before he retires. Im hoping its a 6 fight contract atleast. Would be wonderful if it was an 8 fight contract or something. Also i cant wait to see his disclosed pay for his next contract. He should IMO be the top paid fighter in the UFC and GSP the second. But i dont decide such things... ) :
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