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Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
I trust you Americans will do the right thing.

Vote for green.

American's have a choice between two awful presidential candidates, you either go with the douche smelling Obama who has put this country into ridiculous debt and his moronic health care act, or the turd sandwich that is Romney who is a homophobic, gay hating idiot that thinks it's "highly immoral" to spend federal money to help families who have their lives destroyed by natural disasters and that "food is a privilege, not a right", like a real leader should think.

It's basically douche vs turd sandwich like on South Park (as are all presidential elections, it's nothing new).

As for what I'm doing, I just had a canned beef stew. It's fully of veggies mostly with some beef broth, was pretty tasty. Now I'm off to do some research on this whole "porn" thing everyone keeps talking about, I hear it's quite interesting.
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