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An instant rematch? Instant rematches should only be used in instances of a Draw or a terrible judges decision that management and fans all didn't see the same way.

If a guy goes out there and finishes a guy, there is no sense to an instant rematch. Whether kicked in the leg or not. Pat Barry stopped fights due to leg kicks. Could the guy say he sprained his knee in practice and it was weak? GSP said he is 100% and is stepping in there as such. He didn't hurry anything. If Condit goes out there, leg kicks him....hurts it, then KO's him. That is what he is supposed to do. That is his job. Why would GSP get a rematch if he stepped in there at the almost 4 to 1 favorite and Condit hurt him and finished him? Do we wait 10 more months to let GSP heel to see if his knee would hold up again? Does Condit sit on the sidelines parading his stupid fake belt around or would he get the real one? Or is there an injury belt too?

In the end it won't matter. GSP wins and it isn't even close. GSP's knee is 100%. He wouuldn't fight if it wasn't. I don't see how a legkick GSP injury makes anyone think he would deserve a do-over. Condit throws leg kicks. You are telling him if he wins that way that it wasn't actually legit enough.

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