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Originally Posted by kantowrestler View Post
Well also remember those fighters use some kind of grappling defense. Frankie Edgar's background actually comes from wrestling with boxing worked in there. Anderson Silva is more kickboxing stance and JDS has take down defense because I agree a truly normal boxing stance doesn't work in MMA.

These responses are ignorant. First of Boxing has many numerous stances. Many of these stances are used in MMA. Don't try to discredit Boxing by saying this and that. I met Edgar in Jersey. He works on his stance from training with his BOXING coach. Wrestling does not have striking in it. That made no sense what you said. Now all of a sudden College wrestling has footwork to defend against strikers? LOL.

Go and meet Edgar yourself and he will tell you.

Silva was a Pro Boxer so your argument is dumb there too. His kickboxing trait is Muay Thai. Muay Thai stances works less effectively than Boxing in MMA because you are left with a wider target for you to get smash with and your chin is left more exposed for punches. Example if Belfort vs Wanderlei Silva. Anderson Silva's stance is more like Muhammad Ali. Silva himself admits to impersonating Ali's stance and defense. If you look at Silva's stance, it is way different from Muay Thai.

And Belfort has a Boxing video where he breaks down switching from the traditional Boxing stance to MMA stance. The foot placement is not that big a difference. It is minor.

Too many Boxing haters on MMA forums act as if they know what the hell they are talking about when in reality they just have a bias hate towards Boxing because of some stupid old grudge and yet they never train Boxing. But what kills me is seeing how MMA fighters successfully apply Boxing but these idiots wants to ignore it with their warped sense of reality and find reasons to say that they didn't apply Boxing. It's quite disturbing actually.
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