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Originally Posted by TheNinja View Post
As a Semi-Jones fan.. Your actually wrong. Jones has turned down multiple fights at 205... He came out and said He wouln't fight anyone on short notice but Rashad. He didn't want to give Machida a rematch. He didn't want to fight Daniel Cormier.... But he has no problem fighting Old little 185'ers...

Which makes it worse.. He stays at 205... and beats up NATURAL 185'ERS AND HIS FANS RIDE HIS JOCK
I agree with this.

Jones certainly has shown the ability to turn down fights or fight who he wants. They were going to do Rampage/Chael. But Page turned it down. Jones jumped at it. Even though just a couple months ago he said he wasn't going to let Chael snake his way into a shot...

He was talking about how Machida didn't sell enough PPVs when he fought him, so he wasn't interested. So he fought Belfort.

At least he could have said he had unfinished business with Hendo and said he wants the fight he was supposed to have. And yet Hendo is 41 and a natural 185er.

The LHW division is so overrated. Old broken fighters and a bunch of glorified 185ers that hardly cut weight. Rashad, Hendo, Machida, Vitor, Sonnen all have MW bodies.

Vitor, Sonnen....these are just wasting time. TUF will suck as Chael and Jones in real life have no problem with eachother. It is all a WWE stunt. And pulling in WWE viewers is so important that they give a 36 year odl 185er coming off a loss a title shot against the 205 champ that hasn't been tested yet. Makes sense.
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