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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
So....who is gonna test Jones?

Gustaffson? Davis? Glover? The guy that nearly died from cutting weight in the Olympics? Do tell.
Who knows. Those guys are actually 205ers or in Cormier's case a HW coming down. They aren't the 4th best MW and the 2nd best MW.

Anderson beat both Vitor and Sonnen at 185. I don't want to see these guys fighting for the title at an even higher weight.

Say Bisping loses to Belfort. And Anderson beats Weidman. What would we start saying if he started fighting Condit and Johnny Hendricks at 185 after they lose to GSP at 170. What exactly would the outrage level be from the people who don't care for Anderson?

I don't think they beat Jones. But I'd rather he fight Hendo, Gustaf, maybe Machida again before he "supposedly" wants to go to HW at the end of 2013....instead of Chael me it is a wasted fight. Even more wasted that they will have months of a reality show to get through. Chael had trouble taking Bisping down. ANderson stuffed him twice in the last round they fought. What is his plan vs. Jones?

You may not. But I think Cormier has a decent shot at beating Jones if he can make 205 no problem. He says he can, so I believe him. Jones makes no sense though. He said Chael isn't going to talk his way into a shot...then he lets him. After he says how Cormier isn't going to make a name off him and doesn't deserve a 205 shot. Makes no sense. Just another example of Bones' fakeness and flip flopping mentality.

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