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I never said he has never been tested to mean he hasn't fought good fighters. I meant he hasn't been close to being in trouble other than Belfort's armbar.

I happen to believe LHW gets overrated. Shogun is a huge name, but is not the same. Rampage is basically retired and hasn't KO'd anyone since UFC 92 in 2008. Vitor was a 185er...not even a top 3 MW really. Machida is a tough out for anyone and still in his physical prime. That was a good win. But again, Machida is a glorified 185er. He would probably move down if ANderson wasn't the champion there.

Jones IS the best LHW on the planet. By far. He probably WILL go to HW at some point in the next 2 years. That is WHY I would like to see him fight guys who have done well at 205 and who have upside. Sonnen is a mouth with wrestling. But not good enough wrestling to take Jones down at will.

I understand the whole money angle. That is why they are doing this. I just find it funny that Jones says who is worthy..Machida and Cormier weren't/aren't according to him. But while he may not of said Sonnen is worthy...he was worthy enough to accept the fight. After he said he wouldn't let Chael snake his way in. Jones flip flops every month. And to say Machida/Cormier aren't worthy is a joke when he is doing a reality with Chael getting a shot.

Some fighters are hurt or have been. They aren't agreeing to fight undeserving smaller weight fighters and telling 205ers or undefeated HWs that they are not worthy. Or is it a direct example of how sad the 205 division is? So sad that they have to bring in Belfort and Sonnen to fight for the title. Guys who were finished at 185 by Anderson.

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