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Originally Posted by dlxrevolution View Post
What the hell has he been saying for the past year??
Didnt he recently have an interview that was somewhat singing a different tune??? Or did i imagine that....

Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Jones probably isn't in any position to turn down any more fights after he cancelled a card the last time he did it, I think that whole situation lies on Dana and the match makers, Dana is the one who acted like a child and punished Henderson for getting injured(which is beyond ludicrous) and Machida for not wanting to fight Jones on short notice for the second time, which is equally as baffling.

The only people the UFC are hurting is themselves because mainstream media and sponsors won't look at them seriously, but it's like I said, these Middleweights are working hard, putting in the time but the Middleweight Champ has no interest in defending the belt so why is he allowed to keep it and clog up a division, when quite a few of the divisions are being held up due to injuries.

Naw its not ludicrous. Dana needs to make a point that fighters cant be injured for 3-4 weeks and wait till the last week to pull out. And other then Chaels report i havent seen anything saying that the Doctors didnt let him fight. More so that the doctors told him he shouldn't fight. But either way if you have a injury that you shouldn't be going in to the octagon with then you let Dana know of that ASAP so he can start looking for a replacement in case you pull out. Alot of people on this forum still live in fairy tale land so they wont understand this.
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