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Originally Posted by H33LHooK View Post
"You didn't build that", epitomizes what you're getting with Obama: big, centralized, federal government, and removal of personal responsibility- basically the end of the American constitutional republic.
He's talked about "fundamental transformation" if/when he gets re-elected. That'll be his mandate for god-knows-what.

He's a radical; an extemist who ran four years ago on a platform of moderation, and the US ate it up. They're still eating it up as he jet sets around the country for photo ops with celebs as Rome burns.

Is Romney a great alternative? Hell no. But at least he believes in freedom and accountability.

Current polls are basically dead even, but if I had to guess, I'd say Romney will win.

This is why Obama doesn't have a shot in hell. People bought into that propaganda about "you didn't build that" he said that while talking about major highways. And other got distorted into him saying you didn't build your business. You can't argue with ignorance. Obama is an extremist more than Romney. Obama enacted a health care bill that used to Ben the republicans. This country has been pulled so far right a moderate republican (Obama) is an extremist.

Never argue with an idiot he'll only drag you down to his level then beat you with experience.

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