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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Fighters fight hurt all the time, that's still no reason to punish him, even so, if you're gonna punish him atleast give the title shot to Gustaffson if he beats Shogun.
I agree with you. But Henderson didnt fight hurt. He backed out of a very important main event the week before the fight. And he didnt get injured a week before the fight. You see the problem right??? And again... other then Chael no one has said that the doctors forced him out of the fight. Iv seen Hamill go in to a fight with a staph infection right on his spine. Iv seen fighters go in to fights with broken bones. Torn ligaments... So if i logically think about it id have to say that if Dan didnt want to pull out he wouldnt have had to.

AND lets say he was forced out of the fight. That still put the UFC in a horrible position. And they need to learn it is not okay to be in a Main Event and be injured 3 weeks ahead of time but pull out the week before (whether forced or not forced). If Henderson let Dana White know of the injury when it happened maybe the event would have went on.

And he didnt get punished greatly. Just he has to get 1 more win for that title shot. All in all i find it to be fair given the circumstances.
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