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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
The idiot is people who support Romney on propaganda promoted by fox news. Like the "you didn't build that" garbage.

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Please- the grown-ups are talking.

I support Romney because, unlike Obama, who won the office of the POTUS on timing and pseudo-charm, Romney has a track record of success in every endeavor to which he has applied himself.

We have your brand of people where I live as well. We had all kinds of problems with liberal types in all levels of gov't spending 'til we were bled white. Then we had a conservative run who had a strong Christian bent, and all we heard was, "He's gonna kill babies! He's gonna' kill welfare!"

What actually happened was, since he has degrees in things like economics, and since he actually wanted a second term, he got the country back on course fiscally, and we're one of the most stable in world.

That's what America needed four years ago, and that's what she needs now more than ever.

Good luck tomorrow, y'all. I'm pulling for you.

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