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Originally Posted by Nick_V03 View Post
Anyone know why Julian wanted to fight Dom so badly? It looked like Dom was just getting between Hill and Neil to stop a potential fight, and Julian didn't like him interfering or something. Did Dom say something to Julian after that? Either way, Julian is a tool when he drinks. I can't stand angry drunks.

Chaney vs. Manley was a fun short fight. I can't believe Chaney actually bit him. Also surprised that he admitted that it was on purpose after. I wonder if he realizes him getting a contract is extremely doubtful now. He may have had a chance too considering he was at least in an exciting fight while most of the other losers weren't.
He was drunk and he sucks, the kids a meathead likely going through roid withdrawal.

Originally Posted by Trix View Post
Hope Dana signs James Chaney(the snake).

Think that dude has potential if he learns to keep his teeth to himself.
I hope Dana dumps these guys on Strikeforce so they do have a shot. I mean it's not their fault they've gotten shitty coaching and terrible fight matchups this season, it's Dana's fault for booking Nelson and Carwin as "coaches".

I mean 4 of the 7 guys that got knocked out of the first round could be UFC caliber fighters (Alvey, Ellis, Heiron-Web, Chaney) but they got screwed over either by bad fights, bad judging or fighting way out of their weight class (Alvey, Ellis).

But as we know only two guys are getting a contract from this season, and that sucks.
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