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Originally Posted by mastodon2222 View Post
You're not a cynic it's just a reality of certain sports. Any sport where strength and power are crucial is full of PEDs, including UFC. The good news is that skill beats PEDs. My eyes tell me that Anderson Silva is natural, and look at the list of the Testosterone Brigade that he's beaten:

Bonnar, Sonnen, Marquardt, Henderson, Irvin, Belfort, Griffin...
I'm even suspicious of a lot of fighters that have never been caught.

I remember seeing this older picture of condit;

and this;

now compared to this;

I'm sure he's training 10x as hard as he used to, but that just doesn't look natural to me :/ Huge difference in the neck and arms, just seems crazy.

I'll probably get a ton of neg rep for this one, but whatever
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