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Day 9
I got through 80 pushups and 90,80,80,70,60 for a total of 380 crunches tonight during the warmups. I'd say 30 more crunches is a success.

We did 10 3-minute rounds of drill work to start the night, brad had me in his group while there was the other half with Jeff.

We did a lot of focusing on attack and defense with the jab.

One drill he was focusing on us cutting off the advance of the opponent. He was saying in the eyes of a judge if the opponent keeps advancing he will earn favor over you. So when he advances on will step in and throw a vicious jab.

There were 4 more variations off the jab, that I cannot recall.

After this there was a 15 minute run in the gym, followed by a 15 or 25 minute period of mat work on our core.

after the mats we had 4 rounds of 3 minute drill for cardio jumping forwards and back, side to side, knees to chest, and vertical jumps with heels to butt.

Round 3 I was extremely fatigued. Round 4 ended with me collapsing. I couldn't keep my feet under me due to total exertion.

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