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These guys are completely different strikers.

JDS - has excellent movement and is constantly shifting angles which makes it very difficult to land a solid strike on em w/o getting countered back. That is why Cain as I predicted had the right game plan in kicking his legs which decreases his power and mobility.
Power - 7.5
Speed - 8
Chin - not quite fully tested but I'd say 7/8 since he's made it this far.
Endurance - untested

MAIN WEAPON: Speed, agility, left hook, jab, and right overhand. Strong takedown and scrambles.

The Reem - slow, stands in the pocket and methodically hunts his opponent. I mean when was the last time you saw someone hunt Brock the entire fight. Brock charged Cain in the opening stanza. He knows how to use angles as well by shifting his shoulder and head rather than moving his entire body. Just watch em against Todd Duffee...he barely moved and immediately countered. That's a pro right there.

Power - 9
Speed - 5
Chin - 6
Endurance - K-1 (8) in MMA it's hard to tell because he's completely transformed from the LHW days. I'd give em the benefit of the doubt and say 6-7.

Main weapons: Left hook to the body, leg kick, liver kick, inside leg kicks, and UBER KNEE. Very strong takedown defense due to his abnormal strength.

I can really see a Condit vs Hardy moment where both land left hooks simultaneously.

I can't quite see who the clear winner is at the moment. But when they were slated to fight I said that The Reem would take it.

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