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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Fighters fight hurt all the time, that's still no reason to punish him, even so, if you're gonna punish him atleast give the title shot to Gustaffson if he beats Shogun.

Who exactly has Anderson beat that is on the level of Shogun, Rampage, Machida, and Rashad?

Forrest, that's it.
Who has he beat on their level? Hendo who was younger than he was when he beat shogun to a bloody pulp until he gassed out. He destroyed shogun and would have won going away in a 3 round fight. Total destruction. There is one for starters.

Chael sonnen. Who everyone who hated said could bet anderson the 2nd time. Now that he lost he isnt as big of a deal to all his backers as he once was. A guy who is fighting jones for his title.

Vitor. A man who arguably gave jones his scariest test. A man that would beat page right now. A man that probably would give shogun a hell of a fight if not win.

There are 3. People pass john fitch off as an amazing fighter that gsp beat. But what really is the difference between him and okami? They both were top 3 for years.

Again. 205 has names. Names of yeaturyear. People still act like shogun is still boss hog. Yet he loses rouds to vera. 205 is overrated.

It is so bad that they are using leftovers from 185 to fight jones. All 3 fighters i mentioned are smaller, and would still give all the 205 elite minus jones, a run if not beat them.

Id pick chael vitor and hendo over page. I would give vitor a decent shot at shogun. Hendo already killed shogun. And these guys are smaller men.

Rashad is basically the only elite 205er that i would say is clearly better than those 185ers. And he is too scared to drop to 185 to fight anderson. So much so he will take on lil nog and basically wait for jones to move up. And jones def beat rashad easy. But didnt finish him in 5 whole rounds. Took him how many vs page? How many vs vitor?

Names are great. But just because they were pride superstars doesnt mean they are still amazing fighters.

This isnt saying jones isnt great. Not saying his run isnt amazing. But 205ers get overrated.
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