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Originally Posted by Jumanji View Post
So then what is the difference between some pre-workout or muscle recovery powder and marijuana? It sounds like your saying they do the exact same things. And I don't see how smoking would give you an advantage in a fitness training contest, if the guy is more fit than you then he's going to beat you whether he smokes or not.
1: the difference is that supplements are artificial and not as strong, to get as strong of an effect you would need to take an unhealthy amount of supplement to match
2: of course someone more fit than me would win, but if we started training at an equal fitness level I would have an extreme advantage because I can literally run until my body gives out. It takes out the mental barriers completely, sometimes I have to stop myself from continuing when I still have the desire because my body is saying I've pushed passed the point of positive returns. The heightened sense of self-awareness creates an unfair advantage is all I'm saying. Guys like Nick Diaz have the same experience as me, it feels like an adrenalin and morphine shot that gives you a massive boost of energy.

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