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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
Lol Rampage is so bitter. "Idon't follow MMA". His opinion was logical at least.

I'm not gonna say this does not work for you, because I truly believe it does. But the big difference between marijuana and a PED is that PED enhance baseline physical performance, and marijuana does not.

Perhaps the THC affects you mentally in a way that helps you block out your body telling you to quit and you can push yourself harder, but that isn't the way it affects everyone, in fact I would argue that most people feel heightened sensation to pain and lack of motivation.

When I personally smoke weed, which I do very often, it makes me very relaxed. So much so that if a friend slaps me or gives me a Charlie horse I almost always have a "waking up" sensation in which my relaxation is shattered and the pain feels shocking and more intense. On top of that I have very little motivation to do anything physical when I smoke weed. I would much rather curl up with a beer and some pizza. The only time I can muster up the motivation to pick up some weights is when I have not been smoking weed.

Anyways, the point is that, unlike most PEDs, the affect of marijuana on your brain (ie motivation levels, pain levels etc) is a personal thing. I would much rather drink a huge coffee and go pound the weights than smoke a joint. Maybe you are the opposite. The fact is it isn't a consistent affect.
I agree that it's different for everyone and that most people become lethargic and unmotivated, the only thing is that someone who is going to smoke up then workout is doing it because of the performance enhancing effects. I smoke up (well I vaporize) before 10ks and it's the only way I can get under 40 minutes, nobody is going to be doing it without knowing of it's performance enhancing capabilities.
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