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No Mercy, you throw out numbers like video game stats. It's not a video game.

Reem is a VERY well rounded and experienced fighter, we have to assume he'd own JDS on the ground. You'd be forgiven for assuming he can handle JDS on the feet too, but I don't see him matching up too well.

Reem will cover up and throw massive power punches like he always does, these will be evaded. At least I'll be surprised if one lands clean, Junior is so much more mobile. Next step for Reem, push forward looking to clinch, throwing knees when close enough. This will be his downfall IMO, JDS strikes well moving backwards and Reem won't have the footing to counter or evade very well. So he won't get the clinch, and in turn won't get the fight to the ground.

I think Reem will be the aggressor to begin with but I don't think he'll get much offense going. He can definitely make a fight out of it but I think he'll get picked apart and, despite his K-1 accolades, hurt within two rounds while chasing JDS.

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