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GSP too small for Silva?

This has been brought up a lot lately and even though I am leaning towards Silva more now then I used to it is not because of size. I have even seen it said that GSP is a mediocre size WW. Compared to who? Rumble Johnson???

Here are a couple clips some people should watch regarding GSP's size.

GSP training with Evans, very slight size difference.

GSP wrestling 6'4 245 lb NHL fighter George Laraque

Yes Silva would have a height and slight reach advantage but he is not going to have any more of a substantial size advantage over GSP then he has had over many of his previous MW opponents.

GSP has great takedowns and wrestling, Sonnen may be a little stronger but GSP does a much better job setting up takedowns. GSP also has some of the best jabs and striking of any fighter Silva has fought.

As mentioned I am still leaning towards Silva now that he has become a destructive force again. His striking is a step above everyone elses in the UFC and he has great finishing ability. That all said I still hope to see this fight in the near future. Hopefully after GSP dismantles Condit.

Just throwing some fuel on the fire and beating the already dead horse .
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