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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Relax, sport. No one is writing Bisping off entirely. Any fighter can win on any given night. I just find it questionable that you're putting so much faith in his wrestling ability. First things first, Bisping is not becoming an 'elite' MMA wrestler. He's still very much a novice. Outwrestling Brian Stann is not a credential, especially when 90% of this board slams Stann's atrocious TDD. I admire Bisping's wanting to better his game, and I'll admit that his wrestling has indeed gotten much better. But he is far from elite. I'd call him a work in progress.

Secondly, you're forgetting just how strong Vitor Belfort is. Here's a big, strong MW who bucked off and withstood essentially a HW's wrestling in Anthony Johnson. And Anthony Johnson is a pretty damn good wrestler to begin with. I just find it funny that despite that, some believe that Bisping is going to come in and wallop Vitor with wrestling and ground and pound. I'd be willing to bet that Belfort doesn't get taken down once.

And lol... right... it's about time Bisping was the underdog. Lord knows that's never happened before.
I'm chill, son. I don't really think it matters that Vitor was or is able to buck Anthony Johnson off him, I don't at all expect Bisping to play that type of game.

Belfort will weight, what? 200lbs on fight night? He can flex all he wants that's all Bisping has to lift up and dump on it's arse.

Sig or Credit bets are for ***s (jokes), so i'm not looking to bet with you, but Bisping will get him down.
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