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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Many people know where I stand on this.

Anderson would have an advantage. So does 1 fighter in most all "superfights" between weight classes. So do many fighters over their whole division. Bones is a lot bigger than all the 205ers he fights. Cruz dwarfs most...most BWs. For most any "superfight" to happen one guy is usually going to have the size advantage.

However, Anderson is 6 years his elder. Does that not count for anything these days? Especially an older man not on TRT?

GSP also is the wrestler in this equation. Size many times is helpful a lot more in wrestling scenarios. Anderson is not trying to take GSP down and use his weight. He isn't trying to clinch and lean on GSP.

GSP supposedly used to take Rashad Evans down in practice. One of the better wrestlers in all of MMA, a man who competes at 205. So what is the problem here?

Carlos Condit is not Anderson...obviously. But Condit is 6'2, same as Anderson. Condit has a 76 inch reach...1.5 inches less than Anderson. So again, what is the problem here?

Anderson is willing to meet GSP pretty much in the middle. Showing that he can go below his 185 class and that he isn't some gigantic man. Not that Penn would have wanted him too, but GSP didn't meet Penn in the middle for either fight. GSP fought Serra and Sherk, 2 midgets at 155 let alone 170. If Jones/Anderson was made I doubt Jones would meet in the middle. Doubt he would meet anywhere. So again, what is the problem.

The only people who make a big deal out of the size are people who are terrified to watch GSP get KTFO. At least it would be better than getting dropped and finsihed by T-Rex, lightweight, Matt Serra.
I agree, on top of that aren't Silva and GSP ranked number one and two pound for pound? People are highly advocating Silva vs Bones (#1 vs #3) but why not have the number one and number two pound for pound fighters face each other and the winner of that face the number three ranked pound for pound? (that being Jones)

It seems like since a lot of people love GSP they don't want him to fight Silva because they are afraid he will lose and they want him to keep his spot at number two.
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