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Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
collarbone breaks are supposed to be the least painful break. I've seen maybe 5 people get it, 3 of them didn't even know their collarbone was broken. The most painful is supposed to be the heel of your foot (according to a doctor), I bruised the bone on my heel and the doctor said it probably felt like it was broken due to its nature of being the most painful bone to break.
Funny thing is the doctor said the exact opposite to me. She actually told me most people cant even fall sleep due to the pain.

That said i got bunch of pain killers so i didnt struggle too much.

Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post
I don't know everything but I do know your previous post in which you stated "collarbone breaks are supposed to be the least painful break" is a bunch of horse shit and that is why I called it out...

Maybe there are instances that it doesn't hurt like hell but there are instances where it is extremely painful and I personally know 2 people that will back that statement up... Not to mention the thousands more you can find on google...

Yeah i just did a google search too and everyone literally said they are very painful. A bunch of them even said they had to sleep sitting in a chair for the first 4 weeks.

Rabakill probably has friends who exaggerated the injuries and then claim it didnt even hurt them. Like if their hands puff up "Dude i broke my hand" and it isnt even close to being broke lol. Iv seen plenty of them in my life time.

Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
funny that 3 people who had a clean break playing hockey didn't know it was broken, but I guess your uncles case with 2 breaks settles everything. Settle down bud, you don't know everything
If the snapping sound or the fact that whenever they move their arms the very sharp pain of 2 bones grinding together didnt tip them off. Then... uhh... something is very wrong there.
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