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Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post
Silva has a noticeable height advantage and a slight reach advantage. I do not equate either of these to be a significant size advantage.

The only way Silva's size helps him against GSP is with longer arms to strike and keep GSP at distance and with his longer legs to help defend himself while on the ground.

If Silva wins it is due to superior striking or BJJ. I highly doubt it will be due to his size in other words I highly doubt Silva will manhandle GSP stuffing his takedowns and throwing him around the ring... Especially since at a catch weight of 178-180 Silva will probably come in slightly considering he hasn't cut that far in years.

As for Silva's 202 weight. I think that was his natural weight at that time. He was coming off a rather recent fight and would have still been in close to 185 weight shape.
Exactly... If Silva was actually fighting at 205... He wouldn't be putting on any extra weight the next day....

He may get get up to 215 when not training... But that's all fat... Some of you need to watch the special with him when he talks about his diet.. It's just horrible...LOL...

It's flat out amusing all these haters out there that want to say he is this huge guy... Just look at him...Does he Really Look like he is Jon Jones Size.. Really??? WTF are you idiots smoking???

He may be taller then GSP but GSP is way thicker and is never out of shape.... Plus, I'd Love to see GSP go through a full year of VADA testing
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