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Originally Posted by Joabbuac View Post

They way you look at the dudes who do the fist is the way i look at them all. I have a photo of me standing next to Larry Holmes...did the fisting thing and all that, i was a dumb kid. I have a picture of me with Larry Holmes doing the whole fist pump thing from my youth, but fuk putting it on here.

You dont need to be an outstanding person to detect the pathetic...ness of others, im pathetic in another way....kind of wasting my life trying to do something while also not putting nearly enough effort to achive it - thats pathetic, as is devoting your life to other people doing shit...and getting a picture with them.

Hating people with no ambition or drive kind of helps me not fall into the same thing.
You keep saying "as a kid i used to" but tbh your words make you sound like a kid.

No you're not this badass non-pathetic made up pathetic whose only flaw is he's gonna take 5 years to become the next anderson silva instead of 3 lol. You're pathetic because you spend your spare time giggling and raging on the internet like a teenage girl over what your favorite celebs said today, just like the rest of us. The fact that those celebs punch people doesn't make it any less pathetic.

What makes you a bit more pathetic imo are your teenage angst and dumb idea that hating random people you don't know is somehow going to motivate you and make you a better backyard ufc fighter lol.

I dont hate people who make fists i think they're a bit dumb but whatever floats their boat. I don't yell their name and slap myself to make me angry while hitting the bag, or whatever it is you do.

A lot of those people could be far more driven and successful than myself or you, drive has nothing to do with it. I've seen millionaires, doctors etc. do the same, they just enjoy mma as a sport and hobby and are very driven in their chosen careers.
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