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Honestly both of the presidential candidates suck.

Same goes when our federal election rolls around.

We need somebody to govern the government!

Let's have a little look at what Barack has done in his presidential term so far:
1. He has admitted he is handing over the control of the US military to Nato/UN - which is High Treason

2. Does not need congress approval to go to war! - direct violation to their constitution and is considered high treason.

3. NDAA Act - The authority to arrest any citizen "suspected' not convicted of terrorism can be taken by the military without due process, in other words they can kidnap any citizen and torture and kill them! dont believe just look it up!

4. He has spent more money and put the country in more debt than the last 6 presidents put together.

5. Obama Care - which was written by Romney! yes you read right, which takes medicare from the states and gives it to insurance companies to control ( anyone see nothing wrong with this?)

6. Operation Fast N Furious - his administration busted for shipping guns into mexico to blame the 2nd amendment! which he now admits he will nullify. The reason the fore fathers gave the people guns is to protect themselves from a corrupt tyrannical government.

7. Allowed the Federal Reserve the ability to print unlimited money which automatically means hyperinflation is inevitable.

Just saying, and don't get me wrong Romney would've been no better infact the only difference is their skin colour they both have the same bosses.

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