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Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post
I think there is a chance GSP finishes Condit. The reason I think this is that Condit is going to have a kill or be killed attitude and after GSP manhandles him early he is going to start taking risks to try and win making it easier for GSP to set up a finish.

I also think Condit is going to push GSP slightly out of his comfort zone which will make GSP go for the finish more instead of just waiting for the decision.
This could very well be. Condit is not going to fight gameplan tactics against the best gameplan tactic fighter in MMA. So it's on Condit to push the pace and try risky things which will leave him open for St. Pierre's counters.

In addition, St. Pierre comes from a long injury and he has less to lose than in his previous fights. Condit already IS champion (albeit interim), so St. Pierre has not only something to defend, but he also has something to TAKE and coming from such a long injury everybody would "understand" a loss and a lot of people would question if it was a legit loss or only due to the injury. By that St. Pierre has a wild card to take a little more risks himself.

So I somehow do have the feeling that St. Pierre is going to get his first stoppage win in a long time.
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