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Originally Posted by Joabbuac View Post
GSP Lost to a guy who lost to Shonie Carter, MMA Mathematics at its finest.
In his last fight. this wasn't 5,4,3,2, or even a year ago. Ross peirson lost to a guy who was Jen's pulvers only wec win. and it wasn't even close.

That shonnie carter lose happened what, at least 5 years ago? maybe 10? (I could look it up but you get my point).

Lets not get side tracked, with nitt picking. Ross Perison isn't the future of 155 or 145 true or false?

If Ross Perison is what's keeping out the heaver weight classes on tuff I'd rather we get some bigger guys.

your throughts?

As for the hw show sucking it got higher ratings than the current shows. I'm not asking every season be big huge lumbering oafs.

The ratings are down. the matches have been lack luster this season. I fail to see when the boats already sinking what could it hurt?

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