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And I understand, Cub has started to pull it together against such high level talents like george the poop scoop roop. (I Kid... kinda).

Cub for the longest time had the title as thee single worst fighter on team greg jackson. he was right up there with the dream smasher.

and against D-C level talent (roop being a d-, I could be cool with Ross being called C+) he's shinning.

that still doesn't change the fact Cub, despite having the best gym in the world, all the youth in the world, lost to Jen's pulver when Jen's was in free fall.

Ross Peirson was seriously going places before losing to Swanson. now he has to play the "i'm from England card." and get a coaching job on tuff when before he was a legit contender.

Is it hate? It's true. I've become Cubs fan lately, but I'm skeptical.

And that's another thing I refuse to beleive we can't find a hw or at least a lhw as good a roop. COME ON!

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