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make him?

Sir, Washed up pro wrestlers like Virgil charge 20 dollars for an Auto graph. (no I didn't pay LOL).

And he's a total nobody. If you looked up nobody his face would be next to it in the dictionary.

On a philsphical level in the greater scheme of things does the practice of getting someones sig really matter?

Sure I suppose not. It's a time honored tradition that spends several culutures. And it comes off as very shitty to laugh at it.

Again I'm fine with someone acting like an asshole, but just be aware. Your going to upset people. I have these talks all over the web when someone wants to do something shitty in a non shitty way.

can't be done. can't be sugar coats. it is what it is.

"how do i tell someone their fat and ugly with out being a jerk?" you can't. I'm not telling you, you can't tell them their fat or ugly. I'm not even condemning you for wanting to be an asshole. It's not only your God given right to be one, hell it's practically your duty.

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