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I never downplayed the gameplay. It plays fantastically. It's the story and characters that bore the hell out of me. I've played the multiplayer many times. So maybe you guys could back off on trying to lambast me for not sucking every inch of Halo's dick?

And the millions and millions of fans argument will never mean anything to me. I make my own judgements. Lots of people liked Transformers 2 and Fight Club. Doesn't make them good.

By the by... I've played Halo 4. It is exactly what I said it is. I just didn't pretty it up. If you liked Halo 1, 2, and 3 you'll like 4. If you didn't you won't like this one.

Edit: Just looked it up. Battlefield is the number 2 best selling FPS franchise. Halo number 3 at 50 million and 42 million respectively. Call of Duty is the number 1 at 100 million copies sold.

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